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Image of (OUTSIDE THE US & CANADA ONLY!) Rebel Hearts Shirt

(OUTSIDE THE US & CANADA ONLY!) Rebel Hearts Shirt


Hi. this is the first shirt I am making for the Rebel Hearts Podcast. The front says "Rebel Hearts" "A podcast dedicated to women in the music industry". I made an option to add the Rebel Hearts zine to shirt orders for an additional $2 (zine #3 is $4 extra because it was more expensive/bigger to make). There are 2 zines, they are labeled on the store as "zine 1" and "zine 2". Shirts are men's fruit of the loom.

So, I have tried to figure out how much it is to ship international and I believe I have figured it out. I want to keep cost as low as possible for people who live outside the US so, since the shipping is higher, I am charging less for the shirt because I believe that's only fair. It might even be more than this to ship, but at this point I would rather take a loss and have people promote the podcast than worry about a few extra dollars. Hopefully this works! Thanks for being patient!

**shirts are made to order. Orders will be shipped 1-2 weeks max after order is received.**

The shipping is high and I am aware and upset about it, the real shipping is $23, but I will never charge you guys that much. When I started this project, I knew it would be a labor of love, and I was prepared to take loss'. I'm so sorry to my friends outside the US, if anyone can help me with the costs or knows a better way, PLEASE help me. The post office was unable to help me with the price and I am at a loss on what to do. Thank you for all your support despite all the shipping mess'. I love you guys.

Size Chart:
Width (in) Length (in)
S 17.72 27.17
M 18.9 27.95
L 21.65 29.53
XL 22.83 30.71
2XL 25.2 31.89
3XL 26.38 33.07
4XL 27.17 33.86

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