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Image of (OUTSIDE US & CANADA ONLY) Rebel Hearts x Adora Chloe Shirt

(OUTSIDE US & CANADA ONLY) Rebel Hearts x Adora Chloe Shirt


They're here! Adora is an amazing and talented friend and artist that has been featured in the zines for the podcast and also has designed all sorts of work. She made a design for Rebel Hearts that I felt needed to be on all types of products.

As always, international is always less than US because shipping is a joke.

Shirts available in white or black
Men's Fruit of the Loom

follow Adora on Twitter/Instagram @adorachloe
or her own shop

**shirts are made to order. Orders will be shipped 1-2 weeks max after order is received.**

The shipping is high and I am aware and upset about it, the real shipping is $23, but I will never charge you guys that much. When I started this project, I knew it would be a labor of love, and I was prepared to take loss'. I'm so sorry to my friends outside the US, if anyone can help me with the costs or knows a better way, PLEASE help me. The post office was unable to help me with the price and I am at a loss on what to do. Thank you for all your support despite all the shipping mess'. I love you guys.

Size Chart:
Width (in) Length (in)
S 17.72 27.17
M 18.9 27.95
L 21.65 29.53
XL 22.83 30.71
2XL 25.2 31.89
3XL 26.38 33.07
4XL 27.17 33.86

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