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Q: Do you ship international?

A: Yes, to make it fair for those who live outside the states, I have the shirts at a lower cost to balance out the shipping, and zines are free due to the high shipping. Everything on this store is sold for cost, or is being sold for a small margin over cost to make up for those who live internationally to avoid eating as much money to send. 

Q: I'm going on Parahoy and don't want to pay for shipping, are you delivering orders on the ship?

A: YES. I had a separate store (rebelheartsonparahoy) but it was too confusing to everyone including myself, so for all orders for anyone going on Parahoy 2018, use code "PARAHOY2018" at checkout along with your cabin number in the comments of the purchase. THE PINS WILL NOT BE HERE FOR PARAHOY. I made the code so it will take off shipping for everything in your order EXCEPT the pins. If you order a pin along with a Parahoy item, you will still be charged the shipping for the pin.

Q: Are the shirts unisex?

A: The shirts are Fruit of the Loom Men's shirts, the sizing charts are in the description.

Q: How do I order if I'm outside the US?

A: The Rebel Hearts x Adora Chloe shirts and the Podcast shirts both have separate item pages. One says "US & PUERTO RICO ONLY!" and the other "OUTSIDE THE US & CANADA ONLY!". 

The pins have 4 total options: Glitter, non glitter, outside the US glitter, and outside the US non glitter. If you live outside the US, you will choose whichever option of glitter or non with the drop down menu that's labeled "OUTSIDE THE US & CANADA"

all other products in the drop down menu will have a US and outside the US option in the drop down menu. The shipping and pricing corresponds with wherever you live/choose.

Q: Do you make sizes bigger than a 2XL?

A: I absolutely will make you a shirt bigger than a 2XL! Just email me at and I will make it happen!

Q: I like what you're doing, can you feature my band in an episode?

A: I would love to feature your band! please just send any link to buy your music in an email to me at!

Q: Can I contribute to a zine?

A: YES! Zine's are always happening I want to do more in the future, I make them based off of creative friends and ideas people present. Anything music related (preferably about women in music but not limited to) you can email me an idea or tell me who inspired you or how you started a band. 

Q: Can I be a guest on the podcast to talk about something?

A: Yes, please email me your ideas and we can work out a way to make it happen. 

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