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Rebel Hearts Zine #2


This is the second zine for the podcast! it's more expensive because it cost me more to make, but I promise it's worth it. 60 full color pages again! The original zine was supposed to be made up of friends and community, at the time I didn't know as many people as I do right now. This zine features all my creative friends, pages on female musicians and the women in music who inspired them to play, a "meet the guests" page where you guys can meet the friends who have been guests on the podcast, and tons of artwork from the talented people in the community. This zine is everything I ever wanted this podcast to be, and I hope anyone who gets one feels a part of something.

****OUTSIDE US****
if you live outside the US, the zine is free and you just pay for shipping. This podcast is non profit and I am not doing this to make money, the shipping alone is ridiculous so I will not charge for the zine since the shipping is already more than what people in the US are paying. I have already shipped to Canada and outside the US and I cannot get it shipped for less via USPS and it breaks my heart. Hopefully this is a good compromise!

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